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10 Points For The Life And Care Of Freestyle Timepieces

  1. Avoid exposing your Freestyle watch to extreme temperatures such as in a Jacuzzi, sauna or hot tub. The combination of extreme heat and water may cause your watch to lose some of its water resistance.
  2. Avoid exposing your watch to strong chemicals, soaps or solvents as they may cause discoloration, deterioration or damage to strap, rubber seals and lubricants essential to the life of the watch.
  3. Be aware of the water resistance of your Freestyle timepiece.
  4. Never pull out the crown or operate buttons/pushers under water or when the watch is wet.
  5. Make sure your crown is returned to its original position before you hit the surf or expose your watch to water.
  6. Always rinse your freestyle watch in fresh water after exposure to salt water, wipe dry with a soft cloth and store in a dry place.
  7. Do not wear leather bands in the water.
  8. Avoid severe impacts or drops onto hard surfaces as they may affect the water resistance and performance of your watch.
  9. Do not attempt to repair the watch yourself. It is strongly recommended that a certified jeweler, watch repair technician or Freestyle service center replace your battery. This will help in preventing water leakage from improper battery replacement, which is not covered in your warranty.
  10. It is advisable to have your dive watch pressure tested annually and to re-furbish the watch every 2-3 years to extend the life of your watch.

Nylon Band Care

All Freestyle nylon watchbands are made from the highest quality material. They are washable in warm water with a mild liquid soap. Please be aware of the water resistance for your model prior to washing. If the water resistance is less than 5 ATM H20 it is recommended to remove the nylon band prior to washing. For stubborn stains, scrub with a small toothbrush and rinse thoroughly. If your nylon band has leather attached, apply a small amount of water and good quality stain repellent leather care product to the leather portion before and after washing.